Canary Islands Companies:
ABRASO offers the best water heating solutions by solar energy, with a unique integrated termic solar system. The latest technologies are incorporated and the best materials are used.
Genesis Ingeniería designs and provides smaller, simpler and faster dividers in arithmetic circuits for microprocessors. Using technologies that currently are not being used in competing products.
Industrias Médicas Quirúrgicas Canarias developes products of biomedical engineering to prevent and treat problems in the locomotor system. Introduces to the American market a new patented portable head rest for multiple purposes (three models).


INCELL is a biotechnology company with products and expertise in two core technology sectors: (1) vaccines and infectious disease and (2) regenerative medicine, including cancer. INCELL intends to impact global health by changing the way vaccines are manufactured and delivered, and by providing adult stem cells and innovative solutions to bio-manufacturing for regenerative medicine.
Inelcan's mission is to eliminate all the risks in internet banking transactions through an affordable solution for the mass market. Features a product capable to provide a secure signature for internet transactions.
Laboratorios Pejoseca, S.L. is a pharmaceutical laboratory, authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Health and specialized in studying and obtaining from Canary Island indigenous natural species active ingredients with medicinal and cosmetic benefits.
More Ideas provides innovative marketing solutions through practical Industrial Design. Featuring 2 obtained trademarks.
Nivaria's provides innovative software products, user friendly and high level services in a sustainable way in order to add value to its customers, as well as employees and shareholders. Software has 100% web based interface.
Open Canaies' redefines software development processes and enhancing productivity by providing development tools based on state of the art software engineering paradigms and technologies.
Pangea Medioambiente develops solutions that will eventually make Pangea a barometer in the field of environmental protection and clean energies at an international level, while helping to improve the quality of life and the environments of people and to protect mother nature.


Seaweed Canarias identifies bioactive compounds and natural mechanisms of action from sea plants, to provide new selectively active biotechnology resources and solutions (products, patents, technical assistance and cooperation) for application in Agriculture, Environment protection, Cosmetics, Biomedicine, Fish feeding and Veterinary.
Sisahen SLU
Sisahen SLU's develops a product that will save energy through water desalination using reverse osmosis. Obtain water at the lowest cost using isobaric chambers with positive displacement.
Sistemas de Datos provides to IBM iSeries (AS400) users technology and tools of managerial administration in most secured environment with web capabilities.
Canary Islands Institude of Technology (ITC) Projects:
Project One IN-BUILT offers a full range of services from the product design, to prototype, mechanical end clinical tests, and product certification and will help them to introduce new and innovative products on the market in a short time.
Project Two HUMIC Plate purpose is to be a reference for fixation of all kind of hip osteotomy in children and adolescents giving easy and effective solutions to the surgical needs related to this niche of the orthopaedic market.
Project Three FEM External Single Use Fixator’s mission is to be a reference for external fixation of bones of the upper member giving easy and effective solutions to the surgical needs related to this niche of the orthopaedic market. The technology applied in this product is advanced plastics injection. Plastics are reinforced with carbon fiber, with mechanical properties similar to some metals. Injection mold is available.
Project Four CIE Intramedullary Nail’s mission is to be a reference for fixation of diaphysial fractures in long bones all over the world, giving easy and effective solutions to the surgical needs related to this niche of the orthopaedic market. This whole project has been designed and developed by the ITC. The CIE intramedullary nail should be manufactured by a company which has FDA or CE license.
Project Five RESolutions provides small-scale off-grid solutions based on available renewable energy sources –RES (wind, solar) for supplying electricity, water, cooling/heat and ice to remote communities of developing countries with no access to conventional energy supplies, human aid actions after natural disasters, and in general, in any situation where power is not available from local electrical grids.
Project Six RESkits developing educational kits for training in installation, operation and maintenance of renewable energy (and water desalination) systems. The approach to the design includes the criteria of robust and reliable systems, easy to understand and with comprehensive data monitoring devices. Technology is modular (plug and play), allowing for the combination of different (wind and photovoltaic) generation subsystems and loads.
US Companies:
Advanced Diamond Surfaces (ADS) is a startup technology company focused on the development, commercialization, and sales of carbon-based precursors for diamond-like carbon (DLC) films. The ADS mission is to increase shareholder value 10X over 5 years.
Airnet Communications is an international telecommunications, wireless internet service provider and consulting company with its headquarters in San Francisco and providing commercial services in Romania, Bulgaria, soon in Hungary, Serbia Montenegro (formerly Yugoslavia) and the Ukraine.
CDI Systems is a premier online publishing solution provider introducing NetIS™ - the world's first online publishing platform that integrates DRM, WCM information retrieval and e-commerce tools into a single, seamless platform for the protected sale and distribution of premium content.
SGS is a new high technology navigation company. We have developed the world's first laser guided navigation system to guide various unmanned vehicles on any terrain with 1-inch accuracy.
Spam Cube is an anti-spam hardware gadget for home PCs. Plug it in, stop spam, virus and phishing e-mails. Works with all OS's. Patent pending technology. Has received a huge response from consumers since launch 2 months ago. Seeking expansion capital.
WebLOQ develop email privacy solution that provides inexpensive regulatory compliance and halts malware for any desktop, laptop or handheld, over nay wireline or wireless connection.
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