For Investors
  • Exclusive access to deal flow of selected emerging companies
  • Networking with top executives
  • Leveraging group expertise for smarter investment decisions
  • Increased bargaining power for better investment terms and valuation
  • Board seat representing investors
  • Connect with prominent speaker and panelists at meetings, seminars and conferences
  • Enrich your knowledge on technologies
  • Complimentary passes to all Silicom ventures events

Angel Power


    "Silicom Ventures gives us a highly visible way to connect with some of the most accomplished executive’s in the world, and with the most prominent companies in high-tech today. Being a sponsor puts us at the center of the action - with unfettered access to savvy investors, thought-leaders, seasoned CEOs and cutting-edge ventures. KPMG has been a proud sponsor of Silicom Ventures since the beginning and continues to be a sponsor as during its rise to one of the most important investment organizations in the country."

Doron Rotman
Managing Director, KPMG
Silicom Ventures Gold Member
since 2000
    "Thank you for having me. The summit to Israel was extremely productive and a lot of fun. The event was extremely well organized – no surprise there when you are at the helm. The entrepreneurs I met were very impressive and I am still in touch with at least 4 of them. "

Ajit Najre
Partner, KPCB
Silicom Ventures Gold Member
since 2006

"I find Silicom Ventures forum to be an excellent place to get up to speed on upcoming businesses and technology trends.  They give me the opportunity to network with people who have experience making things happen, and provides relevant investment opportunities."

Yitzchak (Itzak) Ehrlich
CTO & Managing Director, Dynamic Ventures
Silicom Ventures Member since 2002

Being an active member of Silicom Ventures has enabled me to establish meaningful relationships in Silicon Valley, across the nation and internationally, leading to business opportunities that I would not have had access to otherwise. The hands-on support of the other members has added value and knowledge that has helped move these business opportunities forward successfully. An added bonus has been the cutting-edge monthly speakers and panelists, the educational seminars, and the VIP events featuring renowned world class personalities. I try not to miss any event! All this and friendship, too!

Ilene Sokoloff
Angel investor and advisor to startups
Silicom Ventures Gold Member
Since 2006

"As a long term member I highly recommend Silicom Ventures. Some of the advantages I enjoy:
A. Introduction to pre-selected angle phase start-up. As a member of a highly professional technology group one can learn the active trends of today and invest with the benefit of group due diligence.
B. On going updating and learning experience through the invited presentation and the expert panels of the monthly events and periodical seminars and International summits.
C. A most effective networking opportunity with diverse group of VC, CEOs, Investors, and high-tech professional"

Zvi Or-Bach
Entrepreneur and Investor
Silicom Ventures Member since 1999

I have been a member of Silicom Ventures for 8 or 9 years. I find the forum both educational and essential for networking and connecting with key executives and investors in the valley. As an executive, I find it to be a great way to gain experience, meet my peers and learn about exciting new technologies, businesses and possible investment opportunities."

Jonathan Tal
President and Chief Executive Officer
Silicom Ventures Member since 2000


"Silicom Ventures' monthly meetings provide me a multifaceted venue to network with peers, to observe next generation products from aspiring entrepreneurs, to listen and respond to expert panelists debating technology and venture capital trends, and to appreciate the presentations of featured speakers, many of them industry titans, as they discuss issues affecting their market segments. The operational expertise and entrepreneurial accomplishment of Silicom Ventures' angel investors contributes significantly to my due diligence and investment decisions."

Lou Sarto
President, Sarto Associates Inc.
Silicom Ventures Member since 2004

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