Press Release

Silicom Ventures initiates a new “poster Session” feature in its meetings.

Los Altos, California, September 24th, 2003 - Starting at its September 9th 2003 meeting, Silicom Ventures initiated a new feature in its monthly meetings. Several, highly qualified companies have been selected to have a poster presentation. Each of these companies got a “mini-booth” with a table, where it can present its material. During the networking/buffet dinner and during breaks, Silicom Ventures members and guests could engage the booth attendants and find more about the companies.

The poster session presentations are complementary to the presentations in the main session. While in the main session only up to three companies can make full presentation, where each gets the attention of the whole group, the poster session can accommodate up to fifteen companies which can give simultaneous mini presentations to small groups.

For more information and to apply for participation in future poster sessions, please contact us at [email protected]


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